Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Here is a pic of Gingham. He's not completely finished yet. I've got a bit more to do on him. I think his one eye will be hanging by a thread and there will be bits of stuffing sticking out here and there as well as hanging threads. He's got to look a bit beat up. I know he looks a bit juvenile and much sweeter than most of the plush I do but I thought it was appropriate for the story. I could have gone a bit more gorey and weird but since this is for an art auction and not other artists I need it to appeal to the general public. I personally think my stuff is pretty cute but most people on the outside don't like the whole devils and monsters thing. That is fine with me because I'm not making it for them I'm making it for me.
Calico currently has no limbs or face. I think he will be a bit more menacing in appearance but still cute. I've always seen him as the instigator in this story. I don't know why. More pics to come.

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