Thursday, October 21, 2010


All costumes are officially done!! So much time was spent on costumes this year that we weren't able to make anything new for our yard display. On Halloween I'll be going as Princess Leia.

Since there is no Princess Leia costume available I had to find something close and do some altering of the pattern. I used Simplicity pattern 4795. The neck hole had to be made smaller and a collar band had to be added. The sleeves had to be sewn smaller and I had to sew a hood into the collar.

Hood should really be longer.

Belt is made from vinyl. The silver shapes are vinyl spraypainted silver then glued on and the buttons are those silver blank buttons you buy to cover with fabric. It's kept closed in the back with velcro.


  1. I love this! I am not great at sewing, but I would love to try this. How hard was it?

  2. Super easy. I just used simplicity pattern 4795 and added a collar to the neck. I made up the belt by drawing in out on paper first and then traced it to vinyl. Good luck!