Friday, May 27, 2011


I finished sewing on the trim to the pirate hat last night. The official name for these hats is a Tricorn hat. I did a little research about hat making and found it very interesting. I kind of came up with my own pattern because there really isn't a pattern available for this hat. A true Tricorn hat is made by stretching wet wool over a hat block. My version is just a floppy hat pattern. The crown consists of six pieces and then the brim is sewn on seperately, folded up and stitched in place.

I used acrylic felt because that's what I had laying around and it is only for my three year old. If I made another one I'd use wool felt. All the ribbon and trim is sewn on by hand. I had to hand pleat the red ribbon because my sewing machine decided to crap out on me the night I was using my pleating foot. I only got about 6" of ribbon pleated.

If you are ever looking for feathers like this at your local hobby/fabric store, they are with the flowers.

Hat in action. Let's hope she continues to like pirates next Halloween! I can see an awesome red velvet coat to go with this hat.

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