Thursday, October 6, 2011


I bought three of these plastic flintstock pirate pistols as props for our Halloween costumes. They were SUPER ugly and cheap looking. Plus they had the orange caps on the front of them. Don't tell anyone, I ripped those off.

I paid $3.99 for each gun. I decided to repaint them. I figured they couldn't look any worse.

I managed to get most of the gun apart. It has tiny little screws holding most of it together. What I couldn't get apart I taped off with blue painters tape. I just used brown, gold and black spray paint. Nothing fancy. It was whatever I had in the garage. I think they were each a different brand. I also used a little bit of black shoe polish and a black sharpie to get into some of those grooves.

Doesn't it look AWESOME!! It almost looks real. I sprayed a bit more black spray paint at the end of the barrel. Figured it would be more black from the firing and gunpowdery smoke.

The gold turned out great. Really looks like brass.

I was at our local Renaissance Festival this weekend and saw a vendor selling replica weaponry. They happened to have some Flintstock pistols. The cheapest was $45. Now I REALLY like my $3.99 ones.

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