Tuesday, August 28, 2012

PLUSH YOU 2012!!

Some how I managed to finish my stuff for Plush You this year and get it done early. I can't believe it's almost September.

As usual I intended to show some pics of progress but it just didn't happen. I managed to take a whole two pics of my work in progress.

Teeny tiny 1" wide scarf. Each scarf measures about 18" long.

And here they are. Girls ready for cooler weather in animal hoodies.  Inspired by a cat, owl and a bear. All measure 20" tall and their heads measure  8.5" wide. All are made with fleece, cotton, flannel and felt.


  1. oh Robin, when Kristen posted photos of these girls on instagram I was tempted to run right downtown and buy one. They are adorable. Your work always amazes me, you are very talented (I hope you know that!). I have your lovely purple owl from Plush You! 2010 on my wall where I see it every day.