Thursday, February 26, 2015


That's the question my oldest daughter keeps asking. I told her they just don't. Her response was, "then I'll just ask Santa because he makes all the toys anyway". Ugh!
So I decided to attempt to make a doll look like a boy. I've seen people on line take AG dolls and turn them into boys. I am unwilling to spend $100 to rework a doll. So I purchased the Madame Alexander doll that's at Costco right now. $19.00.
This is what she looked like out of the box. Pretty cute and the hair was not to bad. But it had to go. Bonus outfit for one of Violet's dolls.
Close up before I shaved her head and repainted her face.
New eyebrows, mouth and freckles. Also cut the eyelashes shorter.
AG quality wig. Very Bieber-ish:)
And of course he needed a boy outfit. I was boxing up some old baby boy clothes and decided I could recycle these into doll clothes. Pants and shirt were once his. I made the wool coat and scarf.
Made another shirt too. This is from a onsie.

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