Monday, May 21, 2007


Check one more thing off my to do list!!! Staining is one of the most tedious jobs there is. I'm fortunate to have gotten it done in about 4 weekends. With the fence done and all my flowers and plants in the ground I can now just sit back and relax. All that is needed is a little watering and maintenance. The first photo shows the fence and my newly blooming roses. I have 10 rose bushes in all. The second pic shows a bit of the arbor we finished last fall, it has a bench. I finished the bed around it this spring and planted climbing roses, day lilies, and other flowers. Some day the arbor will be covered. We actually built 2 arbors. The other is part of the gate on the fence. It too has a climbing rose. And the last pic shows the bed closest to the house off the patio. I can finally see buds on my day lilies!

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