Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I finally finished everything up this evening. The scythe blade is made out of 1/4" plywood and the handle is made from a large wooden dowel rod. It's actually a rod you'd use in a closet to hang clothes. It's been cut at angles and glued and screwed back together. I tied twine around the handle where you hold it and then tied on some bones (made from sculpy).

My husbands been working on light up crows. We bought a bunch of crows at Michaels, poked their eyes out, cut open the belly and added red LED lights. This only works if the bird is hollow. That way you can tuck all the wiring and battery inside the body. You can see below what that looks like. I wanted to show how to do all the wiring but just didn't have time to document it. We've got five light up crows and three non light up crows that will be perched on the scarecrow.

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