Tuesday, September 18, 2007


So I took a little break this last week. I cleaned my very messy studio which desperatley needed it. After getting everything together for Plush You it looked like a fabric bomb went off. Little bits of scraps and thread everywhere. When I start tracking bits of thread throughout the rest of the house I know it't time to clean. Plus I have a dog who will eat anything and everything off the floor.
It was such a nice weekend we planted 50 tulip bulbs and transplanted some bearded irises. We also started putting in a stepping stone path along the side of the house that will end at our arbor/gate. I didn't touch my sewing machine once this weekend. It was nice to get some other stuff done. I also started my multi colored stripey scarf last week. It's a nice project to do While watching tv. Maybe I'll post a pic.
I've posted a sketch of my next plush I hope to start this week. The people over at Softies Central are doing another Softies Award with a Holiday theme. One of the catagories is Creepy/Cute Nightmare Before Christmasish. So I thought I'd take a crack at it. I was not prepared this spring when they did the 2007 Softies Award so I just entered stuff I had lying around. Which I wasn't pleased with doing because I know if I had had time I could have produced something I was really happy with. So I'm on the ball this time! Maybe I'll post a pic of his head this weekend.

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