Thursday, September 6, 2007


Well here they are. Tagged and and all ready to be shipped. I'm pretty happy with how these all turned out. I took some really good photos of them individually and as a group too. So if they sell and I never see them again at least I'll have a good photo of them. I actually found it pretty hard boxing them up. They've been sitting around for so long I got attached to them. I really fell in love with the twins. I struggled with them for so long and even set them aside thinking I'd move on to something else because I was so frustrated. But wouldn't you know it I gave them a second chance and they turned out great and I like them the most.
So I have doodles for more sideshow freaks but think I might take a little break and do something else. The weather is getting nicer and I can get back outside and tend to my plants. I've been so focused on working on the stuff for Plush You that it's a bit of a downer now that I'm done. I could use some creative rejuvenation.

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