Monday, December 17, 2007

STEP 2-9

I'm 99% done with the squirrel. His head just needs to be mounted to the plaque and hardware needs to be added.
It was hard for me to remember to continue taking photos throughout the whole process. I'd get so into working I'd forget. But I think I did pretty good.
I've already posted what is step 1. Which is just a sketch. Step 2 just consists of that sketch scanned into the computer to do a color comp. I think I've mentioned that before.

This step requires some engineering and is always the step I dread. However the squirrel template isn't much different from the deer so I was lucky. It also depends on how you stuff it.

Pretty self explanatory. This is were you need to do a lot of manipulating to the fleece while stuffing to get the shape you want. I really pack it in there.

I don't usually have any order I do this in. I chose the mouth first this time. It doesn't look like much untill it's sewn in place and stuffed. I'm always not quite sure how this is going to turn out . Sometimes I've cut my piece to small and have to start over. I stuff this like crazy too to get it to look like it's three dimensional. I have to go back with a needle and thread and stich some areas around the mouth and under the nose to pull it in really tight to get the effect.

Next I worked on the eyes. Simple ovals cut and sewn in place. I stuff as I sew. Then I go back and add detail. Let me just say that needle is the best purchase I ever made. As well as a curved needle. I finally realized this about 8 months ago. It's a lot easier when you have the right needles. You should have seen all my old needles. All had curves to them because I'd bend them so much when stitching .

Next came the ears. Not much to say about these.

Finally I get to the fun part of detailing. I decided at the last minute he needed hair.

Once I get him mounted I'll post a better pick that you can really see.
So there you have it. My process isn't really that exciting and there is no real secret of any kind.

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