Sunday, December 9, 2007


I finally finished the scarf I started back in August. I blocked it last week and I'm happy with the results. I saw this yarn on an end cap at Michaels when I went in to get embroidery thread. It's Vanna White yarn. Yes the Wheel of Fortune Vanna has her own line of yarn. Who knew? It was an impulse purchase for me. I thought the colors looked good together. So thanks Vanna!!

I'm so close to being done with the deer. It took a little longer to paint the plaque because I decided to paint all three to save time and make sure they were all the same color. I still hope to have a pic taken this week. I keep meaning to show a piece in progress from beginning to end. I will try really hard to do that with my next two, the bird and squirrel. I get so in the zone that I end up going to far to even beginning documenting. I'll write myself a note :)

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