Thursday, March 25, 2010


I'm still on my month long kick of sewing. I've almost finished the four tunics and dress for my daughter and I finished putting the hooks in the two dresses I made for my self. At some point I need to take pics of those. I'd love to get outside to take some pics but it's always raining : (.  I also finished another flower necklace. When I get in this mood I start looking through my history of fashion books. I just discovered the Victoria and Albert Museum, V&A for short, Fashion in Detail books. The books only show close up photos of garments. You really get to see the construction of the clothing. There are also diagram like drawings of the garment as well as detailed written descriptions about the history of the piece. Very interesting.

17th and 18th Century- Fashion in Detail

19th Century-Fashion in Detail It looks like this book is no longer in print. However Borders website has it but it is back ordered. Luckily I was able to order this book through my works library and they were able to find it for me. We have an awesome creative library here at work, one of the great perks.

Images from 19th Century Fashion in Detail

20th Century- Fashion in Detail

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