Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I think I've got all the flower making out of my system now. Here's the last two necklaces I made. Again I followed the tutorials in the book The Artful Ribbon.

I've noticed lots of embellished t-shirts lately too. Lots of flowers, lace and ruffles. These four are from Anthropology. I love Anthropology but can't justify spending money their. They are a bit out of my price range. But they have some pretty stuff to look at and be inspired by.

This my attempt at creating my own flower embellished t-shirt. I bought two t-shirts of the same color, one in my size and the other in a large. I then created a template of circles. I cut the circles out of cardboard and used these to trace circles onto my large sized tshirt. After cutting out many circles in the three sizes I started to stack them together. I stacked one large, one medium and one small circle together. I then sewed these together in the middle. After having a bunch of these sewn together I started pinning them to the t-shirt. The key to getting them to look full is to clump your circles close together. The closer you sew these together the fuller it will be. Hopefully that makes sense. I really need to get better with taking pics of my work in process. I get so busy working I just forget.

Below are the circle sizes I used. Just click on the image to make larger and print these to use. It should print out at actual size.

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  1. I love what you did here, and Have the itch to try embellishing some shirts too. The part where you dropped me off the bus, is where you said "I started pinning them to the t-shirt". Did you pin them just for placing them? I assume you sewed them eventually? Please send me some more details and I'll give it a shot too. Thanks so much!