Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I finally made it over to Target to take a look at the Liberty of London collection exclusive for Target. Luckily for me I live in the midwest and this stuff isn't really flying off the shelves here. There were a lot of things I liked and a lot of things I disliked. It was fun seeing all the prints but I was disappointed in the clothing, the womens especially. Most of the womens clothings is made of polyester. It just seems a bit cheap. I had wished they had done more in cotton. Also the womens clothing runs large and the fit is a bit wonky. So needless to say I didn't pick up any clothing for myself.

I did get this wallet. It's pretty roomy and holds all my cards as well as my checkbook. However, be careful how much change you try to shove in the coin section. If you try to over stuff this wallet, the magnetic closure won't hold it shut. But it works for me.

I did pick this jumper up for my two year old. All the childrens clothing is made of cotton. Much better quality than the womens. However, the toddler clothing runs really, really small. My daughter wears a 2T and I ended up with having to purchase a 4T. I'm not sure what sizing guides they were going by. Odd sizing is my biggest complaint when clothes shopping. Old Navy is the worst. You could say it's because it's cheap clothing but I've found sizing issues in expensive clothing as well.

I so wish this skirt had come in Toddler sizes. This is in the girls clothing section. There are more options in girls clothing than there are in the baby/toddler clothes.

And finally, I checked out the bedding hoping to find just a set of sheets. All my store had where comforters and that's all they have on line as well. I would have loved to have created my own skirt or dress out of the material.

So overall I'd say I was 60% pleased with the collection. Loved looking through out the store for everything, loved all the fun signage, and loved listening to the highschool boy employee complaining the prints hurt his eyes. HaHa!

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