Tuesday, June 5, 2007


A few have asked 'how'd you do that lettering?'. I should have explained what I did. First I found a font that looked like a circus font or something close to it. I have lots of circus books to use as reference so I found something that looked pretty close. I first scanned my drawing of Strong Man and then layed in the type. I did all this in Photoshop. Then I printed it out (to actual size)and now I have a template. I did the same for the base. Then I just rubbed the back of my print-out with a pencil (you can use graphite paper too) and transfered it onto the canvas and the base by tracing over the print out. Hopefully that makes sense. After that I just paint everything in bright colors. It looks really tacky at this point. Then I went back and put a brown wash (a thinned out brown paint that's really runny)over the entire thing. I used acrylic paint for everything on this but oil works too, it just takes longer to dry. Once it's dry (a few minutes) I went over the whole thing with sandpaper in places I think it would have worn naturally. After that I do another wash of brown, maybe splatter a bit of paint on it or let the paint run like old water marks. I just keep doing this over and over until it looks right to me. I have also been know to run over something with my car to make it look old. You just have to be creative and not worry and getting the art work messy. That's the whole idea. Just beat it up, that's the fun part for me!

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