Sunday, April 29, 2007


So after reading EllynAnne's Apron Book I'm a little obsessed with aprons. It used to be bags but I think I've moved on to aprons. Both are an accessory and both are a great outlet for my love of fun fabrics with really cool prints. Anyway... the book pictures a great apron made out of terry cloth material. Great for bathing a baby and allowing you to stay dry. I thought this was brilliant. I've seen a version of this on Martha Stewarts website. So I decided to make one as a gift for someone. I just used a towel I found at Target. It's a basic bib apron. I just used a full size bath towel and a wash cloth for a pocket. There was not a lot of cutting involved. I only cut off about 7inches off the bottom and the area around the arms and that was it. No hemming required because I used seam binding tape. I added the ribbon and buttons as a decorative detail. I also used 2 rectangular rings (close up shown) instead of tying the apron around your neck. I prefer not having to tie an apron around my neck. This has some weight to it and it's a lot easier to adjust at your shoulder than behind your head. Not only is this good for bathing a baby, but if you're like me I get soaked trying to bathe my dogs and this would work great.

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