Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Some people have asked about the space I work in and I've explained that up until a month ago I was working out of a spare bedroom in our house. We finished our basement off and now have studio space to work in. We started back in August and finished around the end of February. It's everything we wanted and more!! We actually had our house built about a year and a half ago and decided on this layout because of the basement knowing that in the future we'd finish it off. Well we couldn't wait. We did wait a year though, that's what's recommended for new basements. We worked non stop for 7 months. We now have 2 studios, one movie room a sink area w/ small tv and beanbags, and left a part unfinished for storage. Here are pictures of my space and the yummy orange wall my husband was nervous about painting but loves now. It just makes me happy! Actually the whole space makes me happy and we spend more time in the basement than in any other part of the house.

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