Thursday, July 28, 2011


So it's as hot as hell here in the midwest and I'm tired of being hot. Instead of working on projects I should be working on I decided put together this doll house that's been sitting around in our garage for a year. So for the last few weeks, off and on, I've been putting this house together and decorating it. Can you tell I'm looking forward to cooler weather.

This is Santa's house. I decided that we didn't need another "doll" house in our house. My daughter has my old doll house as well as the Calico Critters house. That's when I decided to turn this doll house kit into Santa's house and we'll just bring it out at Christmas and set it up. Of course all my daughter wants to do is play with it now and keeps asking me if I'm done yet. It's hard to explain to a three year old that it's really only to play with at Christmas. So for now it's in my studio on the floor and she comes down to play with it.

I have not found a decent looking or decent priced Santa and Mrs.Claus dolls. I'm thinking that, around the holidays, I'd like to get the figures from the Rankin & Bass Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. They'll look pretty good in the house. I just hope they are available this year.

I made a color comp of the house before I started.  You can see it changed a bit.

This was my inspiration for the house. I used it as wallpaper in the house too. This was left over Michael Miller fabric from a skirt I made my daughter last year.

I wish I had this kitchen!

Santa's workshop. Still need to add a tree, chalkboard, wrapped presents and other toys.

Santa's room.

Santa's office/sitting room. I need to find a wingback chair for Santa to sit in.

I can see how people can really get into making doll houses and miniatures. It was fun decorating the house. I've actually thought it would be fun to buy a Victorian doll house kit and decorate it as a haunted house. I might just have to do that.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


The head measures 7" square. he stands 18" tall.

Two more are in the works