Sunday, January 30, 2011


So much of my "to do list" lately has been focused around my daughters 3rd birthday that is the 1st of March. I don't like working on things at the last minute so I usually start things pretty early.

Here is the dress I finished to match the doll dress. I used Simplicity pattern 9497. Some altering to the pattern had to be made to add the stripe bands at the sleeve, waist, and bottom. I think I'm going to have to get pics taken of my daughter and her doll together wearing their matching outfits.

I also happened to finish up some spring/summer dresses as well. I love this wiener dog fabric.

Cute dress for St. Patrick's day.

Dress for Valentine's day. There are actually tiny hearts in the print of the fabric.

Both these dresses are great for the holidays coming up but don't scream Val. or St.Pats and will work through out the rest of the spring and summer.


For her birthday my daughter wanted a Dora cake. So we are going with a Mexican Fiesta/Dora theme. A lot of the Dora decorations are kinda yucky so that's why we're going Mexican Fiesta. We'll do cute mexican banners, a pinata, and balloons. I also decided to design the invites because I didn't like the Dora invites that are available.



For the doll and all her clothes I made a doll box. I originally was looking to buy one but found they are crazy expensive and that's when I decided I could probably make one myself. I am very happy with it, however, I wish I had made it about 2" wider.

This pic shows the wood laying in place before I glued and nailed it all together.

Before paint.

All painted and looking all girly. The outside is painted a cream. The inside is covered in a cream and pink wallpaper. Upper shelf and hanger bar are pink. The chest of drawers is removeable. In fact, I found it at Hobby Lobby in their unfinished wood aisle. Payed 4 buck for it! And it fits perfectly.

Box measures 12" wide x 27" tall.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I can check these off my "to do list". The above is a baby blanket with matching bib for a co-worker.

I also finally finished up all the bedding for my daughters new "big girl" bed, which arrived last week. I've been working on everything off an on since about April. The pink comforter and pillow shams are from Target. I bought a Full size so I could get the two shams and then cut the comforter down to a Twin size, and resewed the edge. Used the portion I cut off to make the longer side pillows.

I found the bird print fabric at I bought 4 yards of it and used every bit of it. Made 2 pillow cases, 2 decorative pillows, one bed skirt and the small quilt. Love the Minky fabric too. Super soft. I used it on the baby items too.

I found this cuckoo clock at but it was a bit small hanging on the wall by itself. I bought a plaque for it to hang on. I covered it with the Martha Stewart glitter you can find at Michaels.

And lastly, I deecided the walls above the bed were to bare so I bought some embroidery hoops and added some of the fabric from the bedding.

All in all it turned out super cute. Not to juvenile and I think it will grow with my daqughter for a while.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


So one of my many projects is complete. I've been working on a set of doll clothes for my daughter for her 3rd bday. She'll be getting this 18" madame Alexander doll too. She's not yet ready for an Am. Girl doll and I think they are a bit pricey.

I was able to use up a lot of fabric scraps I had laying around, which was nice. I hate parting with a descent size scrap. Now I have a use for them. I bought a few doll patterns but mostly used the original Am. Girl clothing patterns that you could purchase back in the 90's. Now not available. I found PDF's of them here. It might seem really tedious to some to make doll clothing, but I found it really enjoyable. To me it was kind of like mini costumes.

Next project i to finish up the bedding for the doll and make a doll storage box.

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Thursday, January 6, 2011


I've been meaning to post these pics of how the Santa suit turned out.  I was very happy how my husband looked. We did end up putting a pillow under the coat. And at the last minute I made a bag and stuffed a bunch of pillows in it and then we just put the gifts on top of them.

I have quite a few projects I'm working on simultaneously. None of those are plush related though. I tend to use late winter, early spring to work on other projects I'd like to get done before the big plush show season starts up again. At some point I'd like to make some plushies for myself. It seems like I only make for other people and never myself. I'll see if I can squeeze that in too.