Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Back in December I "taught" a puppet making workshop at work. A fun creative renewal opportunity. I use the word "teach" loosely. With this experience I learned that I have a hard time explaining something when asked. So much of what I do is trial and error and winging it or just plain intuition. I found myself doing lots of rough doodles to get my point across. But it was a success and some AWESOME work came out of it!!!!! I am lucky to be surrounded by a ton of unbelievably talented people on a daily basis.

We have a great large creative library at Hallmark. A great source of inspiration with a fun environment. The outside walls of the library have large display windows that are always filled with inspiration and artwork. We had the pleasure of filling these large windows with the puppets from this workshop. This meant a lot of work went into creating backgrounds for them.

Check them out.

This one is mine. The three numbered puppets and girl on the ground were originally created for the Shoebox blog.


My 80's girl. She's sporting an s side ponytail, got her awesome yellow Sony walkman headphones and is of course wearing two Swatch watches.


Monday, May 7, 2012


I just now got around to taking a pic of her. I finished her about a week ago.

She stands 19" tall and the base is 5" wide.