Monday, May 25, 2009


So my FeeJee Mermaids are being exclusively sold at Schmancy starting June 3rd. They will be available at the store as well as on line. You can put one on hold if you email them. Here's the interview I did with Kristen Rask of Schmancy.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


All done! Yeah! These guys are off to Schmancy in Seattle. I literally finished them up last night. More info will be come about what they'll be doing there. I've stated before that I'm not a big fan of making duplicates but I felt a great sense of accomplishment seeing these all grouped together, tagged and ready to go. I felt good. Seeing Handmade Nation yesterday got me all jazzed up too.

How cute are they all lined up like that. Of course my husband thought it looked like a mass grave of FeeJee Mermaids, with all the crossed eyes and some of the arms were crossed too. Yikes!

Close up of the tags.


Sometimes it pays to work at Hallmark. Faythe Levine came and spoke and also showed her film Handmade Nation. I've been eager to see this for a while but there haven't been any showings in this area, until today. Check out the link if you're not familiar. Here's a bio of Faythe Levine taken from the blog.
Faythe Levine is a filmmaker, author, independent curator and creative director. She is currently documenting the rise of DIY and the new wave of art, craft and design.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Yes I'm still working away on the mermaids. I can see the finish line. I officially have 11 completely finished and the rest just need to be sewn together and have a little detailing to complete.

I thought these guys looked so sad all laying around so I took a pic. I've been dragging a bit because I caught a cold 2 weeks ago that I thought turned into a sinus infection only I found out today it's just allergies. But I did have a cold thanks to my daughter. So I've planted myself in my no so attractive recliner where I've been sewing up the bodies, drinking OJ and watching TV. My husband and I just discovered the animated series Making Fiends on Nicktoons. It's by creator Amy Winfrey and it originated as a web cartoon. Check out her site here.