Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Yes, it's that time of year again. Halloween!! The time of year where I spend 2 1/2 months working on costumes and decorations. Halloween to me is like Christmas to most people. We officially have more Halloween decor than any other holiday. I think it's every artists favorite holiday. The only holiday where you can create costumes and become someone else.

So this year our costume theme is Sleeping Beauty. One of my favorite Disney films. I have always loved the backgrounds, which were all designed by Eyvind Earle. Look him up! Below is concept art painted by him for the film.

I will be playing the part of Malificent and my 4 year old will be Sleeping Beauty. All she really cares about is that she gets to be wear a pink gown.

So there is no Malificent or Sleeping Beauty costume in print. So I have decided to create my versions of the the films costumes. I have decided to use Simplicity pattern 9891. Mainly because of the collar which resembles that of Malificent's.

Below is a sketch of how I hope it will look like in the end. There will be the dress as well as a cape.

Here's what I've completed so far. The collar, pretty cool. It is black velvet lined with purple satin.

Below is our past Halloween themes. Last year was by far the most detail oriented and time consuming costumes I have ever made. My husband loves it so much he wants to wear it again this year and maybe add some better props to it.



The Leia and Ewok costume was pretty simple to make. The Storm Trooper, not so easy. My husband spent months on this.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

PLUSH YOU 2012!!

Some how I managed to finish my stuff for Plush You this year and get it done early. I can't believe it's almost September.

As usual I intended to show some pics of progress but it just didn't happen. I managed to take a whole two pics of my work in progress.

Teeny tiny 1" wide scarf. Each scarf measures about 18" long.

And here they are. Girls ready for cooler weather in animal hoodies.  Inspired by a cat, owl and a bear. All measure 20" tall and their heads measure  8.5" wide. All are made with fleece, cotton, flannel and felt.