I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. I attended the School of Visual Arts in NYC and received my MFA in illustration in 2000. I also attended the Kansas City Art Institute where in 1998 I  received my BFA, also in illustration. I have had the pleasure of being involved in numerous plush shows across the country and beyond. I’ve also enjoyed seeing my work in print. Besides creating plush for shows, commissions and magazines, I enjoy working on other sewing projects, making things for my kids and working on my yearly Halloween display. I also can’t leave a fabric store without spending way to much money. Some of the things that inspire me are old cartoons, vintage ads, old toys, antique malls, the macabre, fabric, poster art, Halloween and anything circus related. I currently reside in Kansas City, Missouri with my husband, daughter, son, one neurotic Pomeranian and one needy Yorkie.

Exhibits / Shows / Exclusives

•Stitched - Clutter Gallery Beacon, NY April 13 - May 14 2013

•Plush You! - -Schmancy-Seattle, WA Oct. 2012

•Plush You! - -Schmancy-Seattle, WA Oct. 2011

•Soft Served- OhNo! Doom Chicago, IL Dec. 2010

• Stuff This!-Rivet Gallery-Columbus, Ohio Dec. 2010

• Luv-able & Hug-able-Gallery Hanahou-NY, NY Dec. 2010

• Plush You!-Schmancy-Seattle, WA Oct. 2010

• Plush You!LA-Munky King, LA Aug 2010

• Stuff This!-Rivet Gallery-Columbus, Ohio Dec. 200

• Luv-able & Hug-able-Gallery Hanahou-NY, NY Dec. 2009

• Plush You!-Schmancy-Seattle, WA Oct. 9, 2009

• FeeJee Mermaids-Schmancy-Seattle, WA June 2009

• Luv-able & Hug-able-Gallery Hanahou-New York, NY Dec. 2008

• Plush It-Ruban Rat-Sydney, Australia Nov. 2008

• Night of the Living Artist-Chicago, IL Oct. 2008

• Plush You!-Schmancy-Seattle, WA Oct. 2008

• Plush You!-Double Punch-San Francisco,CA Nov 2008

• Crammed Organisms-Star Clipper-St.Louis, MO June 2008

• Plushed Art :Gone Soft:-Purdue University-Fayetville, IN Feb. 2008

• Christmas Elves-Schmany-Seattle, WA Nov. 2007

• Plush You!-Schmancy-Seattle, WA Oct. 2007


• Stuffed Magazine July 2010
• Stuffed Magazine Jan. 2010
• Stuffed Magazine July 2009
• Stuffed Magazine Jan. 2009

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