Sunday, May 18, 2008


Except for the boxes these guys are completely done. If you remember the Space Man Robot I did a while back, he came with a box.
I love this time of year because I can get some good shots outside in great light. Plus everything is so nice and green right now. I'm working on three more robots right now. I don't have a goal as to how many I'm making. I'm just going to keep going till I get bored. I think some robots will be making it to one of the Plush You! shows this year. Once I feel I'm tired of working on robots I'll start working on the boxes. There's a lot of math and cutting involved and that really requires a whole different mind set, so it's best I do them all at once. Though I realize it will take a while to do them all.


I had some cards made up for the shows that I'm getting ready to send to Cranky Yellow. There's a sticker on the back with all my info. I haven't done these in the past but I think I'll start doing them now that I've got a few shows coming up this year.
I'll be at Star Clipper Comics on Sat. June 6 for the opening night of the show. So if anyone is going and liked to say hi just track me down.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


I just started working on some more robot plushies. Here are the sketches of some of them. They'll range in size from about 10 to 15" tall. I made one robot guy back in the end of February. Just like him these will have boxes, which actually take a litte while to construct.


Thanks to Jhoanna for inquiring about what they look like from the back. I never think about taking pictures of the back of my pieces. But I guess since these are so three dimensional I should have. I just took some quick pics of the backs. I didn't feel like dragging out my backdrop and tripod and all, so they're not real professional, but you get the idea.

HANSEL AND GRETEL only took me 2 1/2 months to finish him. I wasn't procrastinating I just found I had other projects that had to get done first plus throwing a baby into the mix shakes things up a bit. But he's done and I think they look good together. Eventually I'd like to make the witch to go with them. I also want to make a stand so they can stand on their own better.
They measure exactly 16" tall and their heads are 8" wide.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Got caught up in looking at old vintage ads on line today. I actually have the All American Ads book series and love searching through these from time to time. I especially love ads before there was photography. The illustrations are great. I get a lot of color palettes out of these.