Thursday, February 26, 2015


It's been a REALLY long time since I updated this blog. Been really busy with two kids. The recent posts are the few things I've done over the last year. They are definitely kid focused. Seems like most of my projects lately involve them.

Monster Valentine's box for my daughter for school. 10"x14" box covered in hot pink fur.
Slide the cards in her mouth.
Girl Scout Powder Puff Derby car.  A race similar to the Boy Scouts Pinewood Derby Race. 
Daughter decided she wanted an Ice Cream truck. She helped out a lot on this. What you can't see in the pick is that the whole car is covered in glitter.


The tooth pillow has a zipper for a mouth. My daughter can put her tooth in his mouth and the Tooth Fairy can put her money in it too. I made it so it can hang off her bed and not have to be placed under her pillow.


My daighter has a Girl Scout camp out coming up and we decided to make a pillow case for her pillow. It's more like a pillow sham and she'll be able to tuck her sheet inside.  This was the perfect first sewing project for her. Only straight lines. Not complicated. A quick 30-45 minute project. Anything longer and she'd loose interest.
Learning to use the iron.
I really did very little to help. I did have push the petal because she can't reach it. I work standing at a counter. It's to tall and she can't really stand on a stool and push the petal.
I have learned that because she's left handed I kept standing on the wrong side of her to show her how to do something.
Pinning. Not her favorite part.
Finished! She wants to make a night time hair scrunchy with the left over scraps.


My daughter and I made toadstools out of sculpy and wire.  I'll clear coat these before sticking them in the ground.

  I bought a large planter and it sits on a little wooden table on the deck just right outside the door. The planter measures about 24" and is nice and shallow so we could actually pick this thing up and it's not to heavy.
We planted some mini plants in with the house, added some mulch and pebble rock from our landscaping. 


Quick Baby Jack Jack, from Incredibles, costume. Red onsie and pants. Logo is made out of felt and sewn on front. Mask was not gonna happen :P


My daughter wanted fairy wings for this years visit to the Ren Fest. They have a26" wing span. Made of felt and wire.
Decided she needed a head piece to match.
I couldn't just put these away in a closet somewhere. So I attached them to a plaque with velcro. She can take the wings off and wear them again. Flower head piece hangs on a hook I attached to plaque.
Monkey wings hang in our office.


Dorothy and a Flying Monkey!
Pretty simple straight forward pattern. No altering involved.
I adjusted the size of the ear. Pattern was too big.
Made up the hat, wings, and jacket.


That's the question my oldest daughter keeps asking. I told her they just don't. Her response was, "then I'll just ask Santa because he makes all the toys anyway". Ugh!
So I decided to attempt to make a doll look like a boy. I've seen people on line take AG dolls and turn them into boys. I am unwilling to spend $100 to rework a doll. So I purchased the Madame Alexander doll that's at Costco right now. $19.00.
This is what she looked like out of the box. Pretty cute and the hair was not to bad. But it had to go. Bonus outfit for one of Violet's dolls.
Close up before I shaved her head and repainted her face.
New eyebrows, mouth and freckles. Also cut the eyelashes shorter.
AG quality wig. Very Bieber-ish:)
And of course he needed a boy outfit. I was boxing up some old baby boy clothes and decided I could recycle these into doll clothes. Pants and shirt were once his. I made the wool coat and scarf.
Made another shirt too. This is from a onsie.


Hot pink with orange polka dots.
It stands 24"and is 24" long and wide.
I put in a window with some left over clear vinyl I had from some other project.
Tent opens at both ends for easy access.
Two doll sleeping bags fit perfectly inside.
All made of PVC pipes. This allows it to easily come apart and fit into a bag.