Monday, November 28, 2011


Every year after Halloween I think I'll be able to take a breath and relax. Then I realize I have only two months till Christmas. I do this every year. I may have stretched myself a bit thin this year. My "make" list is a bit large.

2 Holiday skirts for daughter    √

1 childs apron √

1 Harry Potter robe for nephew   √

Hanging Advent calendar   √

1 Snow White dress for daughter - begun

12 princess dresses for 18" doll (this includes 6 gowns and 6 peasant dresses) - begun

mini stove, sink, and fridge for 18" doll

owl ornament - begun

The above doodle is for the owl ornament. He is almost complete. He is all hand stitched and made of wool felt that I washed and shrunk. It gave him a bit of texture. I just need to finish the little knitted scarf.

I look forward to getting everything completed and cleaning my studio. I'd really like to get back to making some plushies.