Sunday, January 24, 2010


I've officially been battling a head cold for two weeks now. I've never had a cold last this long and I have little energy and can't get motivated to work on the many projects I need to get down by the end of Feb. This gloomy, dreary, sunless weather is not helping. Maybe I have a brain cloud!

Anyway...Here's what I've gotten done on my movie concession guys.

Here's some of the individual popcorn's. I stuffed the popcorn bin most of the way and then added about 25 individual popcorn pieces. I think these turned out just like a piece of popcorn. If I had been feeling better I would have taken some pics of how I made these. Basically I just cut a cloud shape out of my yellow fleece, stitched around the center, gathered and stuffed it. In some pieces I went and added a few stitches to the tops of the popcorn and gathered that.

I got three of the four guys mostly done. Tongue depressors where used for the popsicles. I need to add the arms and legs and make the stands for them. Instead of them all being attached to one stand I think they each will have their own.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Jeanee Duvall over at Dirty Laundry interviewed me for her new segemnt THE WASH, crafty chicks come clean, for her blog. She plans on posting interviews with different crafters/artists weekly. She says, "I’ve met lots of crafty girls since I’ve been on the craft scene the past couple of years and I’d like to introduce them to you." Check out my interview and check out Jeanee's cool blog!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I have decided to create these guys for my next submission to Stuffed. I think these are going to be a lot of fun to make. I personally love the siamese twin pop sickle.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I got a ton done over my break from work. It felt good to get projects I've been wanting to do out of the way. My to do list kept getting bigger. No plush though. I did managed to accomplish most of my projects.

My daughter is really into her baby dolls now and so I thought I'd make her some blankets and pillows for them. I found some super cute retro fifties-ish fabric at Hancock Fabrics and new it would be perfect for her baby dolls.

I also made a fitted table cloth for my daughters play table. Hopefully this will protect it from getting to banged up. I hade enough left over to make  a matching pillow for her chair. I've had this fabric sitting around for a couple of years and decided to put it to good use.

I did find some time to make something for myself. For a very long time now I've wanted to make pendants that were coated in resin. I always thought that the resin part would be such a pain. So I decided to experiment with it over the break when I had some time to not feel rushed. This is a process that can't be rushed. First you need to get the empty pendants. I found mine on Etsy, they are double sided. Many places that sell jewelry beads and such carry these. Then I decided on my image. I thought the silhouette of my daughter would be cute, as well as her initial for the back. I cut them out and then sealed the back and front with ModgePodge. Then I glued them down onto the pendants using the Modge Podge. I then used EnviroTex lite pour on high gloss finish, I found mine at Michaels. Then I just read the instructions and poured it over my image. The key to these is getting the two part mixture exact. My first attempt turned out to soft and stayed sticky. Also a very warm room helps set the resin better. For a good hard cure it takes about 48hrs. So to do both sides it took a full 4 days to finish.

My daughter's second birthday is two months away. So I got a jump start on making some of her gifts. This is a box that holds all kinds of dress up clothes and accessories. It was one of your typical wooden boxes from any craft store. I painted it the same color as the kitchen stove I just finished and made a cushion from the same fabric I made her apron and hot pads out of. I have about four yards of this. Once summer rolls around I think I'll be making a sundress for her too out of this fabric.

And lastly I finished a crocheted rag rug I started the first week of December.  It's a little over 3 ft wide and took about 15 yards of material. That's a lot of material! I bought the cheapest fabric I could find.  I ripped the fabric into 1" strips and used the P sized crochet hook. I really like how it turned out and how nice and heavy it is. I've already bought fabric to make an oval shaped rug for in front of my kitchen sink. I'd love to make some for my bathrooms too. It's a great project that you can work on in between other projects or a good project to work on in the evenings when relaxing in front of the tv. It also kept me cozy in the sub arctic temps we've had recently.